BioNatIn is dedicated to delivering top-tier colostrum products, backed by cutting-edge facilities and expertise. As proud holders of the FSSC22000 certification, we uphold the highest standards in food safety management. Quality is the core of our business.

In response to market demands, BioNatIn made the strategic decision to transition from IFS to FSSC certification in 2024. This shift prompted the meticulous development of a state-of-the-art production facility tailored to our exacting standards. Our newly constructed factory not only ensures a bespoke manufacturing process but also houses a team of skilled professionals equipped with expert knowledge.

At BioNatIn, quality is paramount. Our laboratory is equipped to provide swift and additional services, further cementing our commitment to excellence. Explore our website to discover how our dedication to quality sets us apart in the colostrum industry.

FSSC- internationally renowned quality standard

We invested time, effort and work to gain our FSSC22000 quality certificate. The FSSC22000 shows our determination to deliver quality. Even more so, this certificate shows the dedication we have in the delivery of the highest quality colostrum products. Besides the FSSC certification, we are also an officially recognized dairy producer by the Dutch government. As a result, this enables us to export our products worldwide.

We want to control the supply line from farmer to end-product, therefore only certified farmers supply us with colostrum. Moreover, we maintain strict entry control and supplier protocols. As a result, we control the quality of our products from start to finish.

A state-of-the-art production facility

A new state-of-the-art factory, building started in 2017, includes facilities to produce high quality colostrum products. For example, these facilities include a custom-made freeze-dryer and an in-house laboratory. The production process occurs under strict hygiene rules. A patent pending production process, clean-room facilities and high quality standards help us guarantee that the colostrum & dairy enzymes are up to the world’s highest standards and preserve its functionality during the shelf life.

Other certifications

At BioNatIn, we’re not just about meeting one standard. Alongside our FSSC 22000 certification, we proudly hold a Halal certification and are currently in the process of attaining a Kosher certification. With these certifications, we demonstrate our dedication to quality, safety, and inclusivity.

FSSC Certified

We are happy to anounce that we succesfully switched to FSSC22000, gained for the first time in 2024. Bringing high quality colostrum products with high food safety standards!

Registered for export to China

BioNatIn is one of the Dutch dairy companies allowed to export colostrum-related products to China. We have experience in exporting our products world-wide to our clients. Please inform to learn how we can help you get the best colostrum products.

In-house laboratory

We work on a positive release basis. Our products are only released if all obligatory tests are completed. They are done both in our own laboratory as by an external laboratory. You need some extra testing or information regarding a product? Please let us know!