BioNatIn offers a range of colostrum- and milk-based products, produced from Dutch cows. The products are distributed worldwide. At BioNatIn we are committed to innovating and developing bio-active, functional and natural ingredients with proven health effects.

BioNatIn produces raw materials for different industries, including, but not limited to, the food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Our raw materials can be found in products ranging from protein shakes to food supplements, creams and lotions. With our in-house freeze-dryer we can offer products with the highest quality.

We will provide assistance in meeting the necessary regulatory requirements of the registration/import process.

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Liquid gold

Colostrum powder

Bovine colostrum powder is a functional ingredient, rich in Immunoglobulines. It is a particular interesting ingredient for nutrition markets, health markets, nutraceuticals and sports nutrition.

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Immune boosting proteins

Lactoferrin & Lactoperoxidase

Lactoferrin is a natural iron binding protein that can be found in milk. It is mostly known by its anti-bacterial and anti-viral function. It contributes to maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora and inhibits growth of pathogens.

We produce these dairy enzymes that are used in food-, feed-, care- and pharmaceutical products. Lactoferrin is for example used as medication for Cistic fibrosis, Crohn disease and gut problems. Other applications are mouthwash and mouth gel for a natural disinfection and recovery of the mouth mucous membrane after radiation or chemotherapy.

Our new production process and facilities make it possible to produce the lactoferrin at a very high quality and on a pharma grade!

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Increase bone health

Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP)

Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) is a colostrum based product with a [1-30Kda] fraction protein powder with unique properties. CBP is scientifically proven to increase bone density and increase the proliferation of osteoblasts, which helps the body to build stronger bones.

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