Improve bone health

Colostrum Basic Protein

Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) is a colostrum based product to improve bone health. It is a protein powder with a [1-30kDa] fraction with unique properties. It is scientifically proven that CBP increases bone density and the proliferation of osteoblasts. Osteoblasts help the body to build stronger bones. Thus, with a higher proliferation of osteoblasts, CBP can improve bone health (1). Moreover, another function of CBP is to enhance the body’s calcium absorption. CBP promotes the bioavailability of calcium and the rate of calcium metabolism (2).

CBP is one of BioNatIn’s new products and was developed at the end of 2021. All colostrum used to produce CBP is sourced in the Netherlands. CBP is produced with a series of filtration processes to make a unique product, from 100% fresh colostrum.

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